What Do You See?

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.” – Diane Arbus

I always wonder what people see when they look at my photographs. Of course, I see the likes and comments that people say. Most comments I see these days say “great photo” or a ton of emojis written out. While I appreciate the comments and likes, I wonder what they are really thinking. I’m sure some are just commenting and sending likes in order for me to notice them, but on occasion I some share a little more. Some comment on the topic I am focused on. Last week I wrote about the book I am reading this summer, and I had a few people leave some good suggestions for my next book. Sometimes I will post about my experience as an elementary school educator. Some share their support and some of the teachers I follow share their stories with me. I appreciate comments that I get from time to time. It helps me understand how people are, and it opens me up to others’ ideas. I appreciate the compliments too.

I wonder what others think when they see my work posted online. I would like to think that they enjoy what they see and would desire to visit this place themselves. Hopefully when I share the work that I do, it inspires others of great ideas and ways to take photographs where they are. Not everyone has the ability to travel all the time. I know I only have certain parts of the year where I can travel with work and all. I do try to take advantage of and photograph different sites in the city that I live in so that I can practice my skills. When I share photos of Charlotte or the places, I have visited maybe it adds them to places someone else wants to visit. If anything, I want people to see the photos I take and like them.

I took these last spring break while we were camping in Golden Valley, North Carolina. I know I am late posting these. I didn’t post a lot towards the end of the school year because I was busy and tired. Right now, I am trying to post some of my favorites that I have taken so far this year. My wife and I found this wonderful family camping resort in Golden Valley that was not too far from our house. On our last full day there, I decided to take my camera, and hike up the stream that ran through the campground. I often try to explore the places I visit in order to see different parts of it. This was a pretty fun place to explore. It’s great getting away from the city. All I could hear while I was hiking was the water flowing down by the stream.


5 replies to “What Do You See?

  1. You are right Joe. Many look at photos and know they like them, but perhaps not why. Your shots of this place impart serenity in an otherwise chaotic life. We could all use more serenity. Have a great week. Allan

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    1. I try to find places where I can just enjoy nature. I have a few spots I go to where I live, but sometimes it’s nice to just get out of town, and away from that crazy city life.

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