A Long Walk for a Great View

“We aim above the mark to hit the mark.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What lengths will you go to in order to capture a great photo? I was thinking about this while I was posting these photos from Golden Valley, North Carolina on Instagram the other day. Whenever we travel as a family, I am always looking for places where I can stop and take pictures. I have delayed us from getting to our destination on time on several occasions. Sometimes we will be driving, and I will just pull over on the side of the road, pull out my camera and start snapping away. There have also been times where I have turned our car around because we passed something that I saw while driving that I had to have a picture of it. I have walked around an area before looking for opportunities to take pictures. I have even got lost a few times while taking photos, and I had to use my phone to get back.

When we went to Jellystone in Golden Valley, North Carolina during last spring break, I decided to take advantage of all of the trails that had to offer at the campground. This one trail seemed to promise a great view, so I loaded up my camera and headed up there. The walk was straight uphill the entire time. It took me a while to get to the top, but I did finally make it. I stood up there for a few moments admiring the view. Whenever I travel somewhere I always try to find great views of different landscapes, and I hit the jackpot with this one. I stood at the top, and took some photos for several minutes. Once I finished, I packed up my bag, and then started to head down the mountain. At one point I lost the trail. I thought it would be wise to just keep going downhill. I eventually made it to the bottom, and I arrived at some random dirt road. Luckly, my cell phone had a signal where I was. Cell reception can be hard to get in this area. I used my phone to find out where I parked my bicycle, and after several minutes of walking I was able to get back.

Take a moment and share in the comments about what lengths you will go in order to get that one great picture.


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