Beautiful Place – Throwback Thursday

“Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.” – Karl A. Menninger

What was it like when you left the country for the first time? When I took this photo back in 2017 this was a moment of a lot of firsts for me. It was the first time I had gone on a cruise, first time leaving the country, first time using a DSLR camera, and the first-time spending Christmas somewhere other than home. I had never seen so many things blooming at the end of December like I did on this trip. I took these photos at Roatan Island in Honduras. We were walking around at the port checking out everything, looking in the shops, and enjoying the scenery. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited before.

Below are some other great photos that I have taken on my travels.

In the comments feel free to share about your first time traveling overseas.


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