That Water Was Flying

“And we have to remember that life is always changing, but growth is optional.” – Robert W. Mitchell

Last week the family and I went out on our last trip of the summer. The goal was to have one more great time together as a family before I head back to work. We camped near Bryson City, North Carolina right in the heart of the North Carolina mountains. Bryson City is a small little mountain town filled with antique shops, unique stores, and some pretty cool coffee shops. We explored the town and spent some time hiking in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It was a great trip. However, on the way there it poured down rain. It rained so much that there were puddles in the middle of the highway. It was not fun pulling a travel trailer on a curvy mountain road far away from anything resembling a town or city. We made it to our destination. It took me a few minutes to set everything up because it was still pouring down by the time we arrived. Even though it rained a lot in the beginning, the weather was perfect the rest of the trip.

I took these photos in the evening after we had dinner. Typically, when I do long exposure photography, I have to use my ND filter. However, it was so cloudy in the early evening I was able to snap these shots using natural light only. These photos are of Deep Creek. It runs from the Smoky Mountain National Park all the way past our campground. The next day, the family and I rented inner tubes and cruised down the creek starting at the national park. Since it had rained so much that week, the creek was high and the current was fast. Typically, it takes about two hours to go from the national park to the campground. We made it in about an hour. It was amazing just riding down the creek while we were out with nature. Hopefully you can tell how fast the water was moving from these photos I took that evening. I tried to take some regular shots, but the light was too low to pick up anything.

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