Short Hike = Great Falls

“Success – keeping your mind awake and your desire asleep.” – Walter Scott

Finding great waterfalls can be challenging. Don’t get me wrong, Google makes it pretty easy to know where to start, but knowing what the walk is like to get there takes some work. I have picked some that were easy to get to, and others that took a little more of a hike than planned. One time I took my family on a hike at Catawba Falls, and from what I read online it appeared to be an easy hike. It seems as if I didn’t really research enough. It said it was only a mile and a half to the falls. For me I thought it wasn’t too bad because I am on my feet so much during the day at work as a teacher. Turns out there is a difference between walking a mile in my classroom versus walking a mile on a hike in the mountains. I learned a valuable lesson that day when it comes to picking hikes, know your audience. My son will walk on long hikes with me all day, but my wife and daughter prefer shorter hikes. Now I see who is going to be with me, and then use that to determine the length of the hike we are going on.

The hike to Linville Falls is one of the shorter ones that I have found. The walk is not too steep, and the views are incredible. The hike to the upper falls takes a little more than 15 minutes. Back in the spring I took the family out there to check it out. We had visited before, back in 2017 when I first purchased my Nikon D3200. It was the DSLR I could afford at the time. I bought it used at a pawn shop. In 2020, I purchased my current camera, a Nikon D7500. I did buy it used, but I got an incredible deal on eBay for it. Going back to a familiar place with an upgraded camera and more skills made this an enjoyable experience. It gave me the opportunity to capture better photos than I did the last time I visited here. It also helped that the hike was pretty short too.


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