Painted Sunset – Throwback 2020

“Treat a work of art like a prince. Let it speak to you first.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Have you ever just taken a photo, and realized later that it looks like a painting? This was me a few years ago with these shots. Back in 2020, when the gyms were closed, I needed to find some way to get out and exercise. At first, I tried workout videos, but I couldn’t really get into that. I then started to ride my bike around town. We live pretty close to one of the better urban trails in the area. I took advantage, and started to ride towards Uptown as often as possible. My wife and I were out on a ride late one afternoon, and we noticed that the sunset that evening was amazing. We stopped, I snapped a few photos, and we enjoyed together for a moment. When I arrived back at the house, I realized how perfect these shots turned out.

In the comments, describe a time you took a photo and it turned out better than you expected.


One reply to “Painted Sunset – Throwback 2020

  1. Photos can indeed be surprising even to the photographer. I like to take photos of ripples on a lake. With the right lighting, these often turn out like an abstract painting. On another occasion, riding back into town, I took a photo of a perched Merlin falcon, only to realize when I got home that he had a crow grasped in his talons. The last one I recall was a distant shot of a hawk in flight. Looking at it on the computer, I could ess he had a mouse grasped in one talon as he flew away. Hope all is well Joe. Allan

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