Visiting Brought Back Memories

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” – Ralph Marston

Last spring, we revisited Linville Falls. I say revisited because I went here back in 2017 with my family. I wrote about this visit some time ago, and focused on how much my photography had improved since then, and even reflected on how I had upgraded equipment on this visit. The photos I took on this trip were way better than the ones I took in 2017, at least in my mind.

While I was looking at these photos thinking about what I was going to write about I remembered some of the nostalgia I had while visiting this place last spring. That’s why I capture photos of great moments, to help me remember them later. When we visited Linville Falls last spring my kids were 13 and 12. When we visited in 2017, they were 8 and 7. I remember when we first visited each of us had to carry someone along the way. My wife and I were both nervous while we were at the upper falls because I son had no fear back then, and we were worried he would try and take a swim. I remember both of them stopping every few moments because they thought they saw something. After we saw the upper falls, I wanted to go check out the lower falls. In order to see the lower falls, you had to hike uphill for about a quarter of a mile. My wife and daughter decided to wait at this one bench where the road forks off. They did the same thing in 2022. Just like in 2022, my son hiked up to the top to see the lower falls with me. The difference in 2022 and 2017 is I had to carry him down the hill. Going back brough back all of these great memories for me.

Where is somewhere you like to revisit that brings back memories?


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