Views that Catch You Off-Guard

“Good questions outrank easy answers.” – Paul Samuelson

The mountains have a gift. They have the ability to surprise you at any moment when you go and visit them. It doesn’t matter what city, town, or road you are on; the mountains have this way of showing you something new at any moment. I visited the mountains of North Carolina three times this year, and every time I saw something that caused me to be in awe. The mountains in North Carolina have to be one of my favorite places to visit. It never disappoints. I try to make it out there at least once a year, and if it is possible, I try to go up there in the fall.

It was the first week in August when we last went back to the mountains. The day we drove up there it was pouring down rain, and pulling a travel trailer up the mountains during this kind of crazy weather is not that much fun. When we arrived at the campground it was still raining. I had to get everything set up in the rain. The rain finally stopped later that afternoon. After we ate dinner, I decided to take some long exposure photos of the creek that runs by the campground. As I was walking back to our camper, I looked up and saw this amazing view of the mountains. I could clearly see why they call this area the Smoky Mountains. I took my camera out and tried to capture this view the best I could. The mountains never disappoint. Everywhere you look there is a great view to see and capture with your camera.

Let me know in the comments, where is somewhere you go that always has a view that doesn’t disappoint.

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