Finding It at the End

“Applause is a receipt, not a bill.” – Dale Carnegie

I might be the only person who does this or has this problem. Sometimes when it is time to go after visiting somewhere, I find more scenes to take pictures of. This happens all the time to me. One of my favorite ways to take pictures around Charlotte is by riding my bicycle around town, and taking photos of what I see. On a typical ride, I go about ten miles. I try not to stay gone for too long because typically I have other things to do that day. Sometimes when I am starting to head back home, I notice things that I did not see on the way there. Even if I need to hurry, I will try and capture as many photos as I can. Some of my favorite moments are captured at the end. This also happens when my family and I visit certain places, and they are ready to go. I will continue to take pictures as they are trying to get me back in the car in order for us to leave.

Last summer, my youngest had a summer camp at UNC Charlotte. One day after I dropped her off, I decided to ride my bicycle around campus. It’s a beautiful campus, and since it was summer break, it was pretty empty. I rode around for a while trying to find the botanical gardens. I never found them. I looked everywhere. I followed the signs, and I even tried to use the GPS on my smart watch. I did find great opportunities to take some great photos of the different parts of campus. As I was heading back to my truck, I found this small spot near the ROTC building on campus. Even though I was exhausted and needed to get home, I knew I had to stop and take some photos. This spot to me looked like it was in a world of its own. I snapped what I could, enjoyed this spot for a few minutes, and I headed back home.

Here are some other times when I kept taking photos when it was time to go.


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