Bring It Back

“The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion.” – Nadia Boulanger

As we are going through our life journey it is hard to see the perspective of what everything looks like. We are typically focused on the moment, and depending on what is happening the moment could overwhelm us. We have all heard the phrase “keep it in perspective.” Sometimes it is hard to keep it all in perspective in life and in photography. There are so many places I have visited and photographed over the years, and it was impossible to capture everything in one shot. There was always this one detail, one section, or the subject is so great that even if the zoom on the lens is all the way back, it’s doesn’t capture it all. Even the best cameras and photographers miss something. In life, the same thing is true. We cannot see our entire story at once. We cannot see how our story has a positive impact on someone else. We can remind ourselves of our goals and priorities. From family, to work, to faith, our focus has to be on how we can make the lives of those around us better. This way, we remember that our journey is not only for us, but it is for others to help them along their journey.

The hike to Linville Falls is one of the shorter ones that I have found. The walk is not too steep, and the views are incredible. The hike to the upper falls takes a little more than 15 minutes. Back in the spring I took the family out there to check it out. This is a must visit waterfall in North Carolina. These shots in particular are focused on the lower falls. The lower falls in the photograph above are the larger falls empty right in to the Linville River below. If you look carefully, you can see the upper falls just above the lower falls. The upper falls are the easiest to walk to. It’s a fairly flat 15-minute walk from the parking lot. To see this view of the lower falls, you will need to walk up this fairly steep hill for about half a mile. When we visited last spring, my son was the only one willing to walk up to the top with me. We hiked up to the top, and enjoyed the views. I tried to capture the full perspective of how beautiful this place is. This is one of my favorite falls to visit in North Carolina.


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