Views for Days

“The greatest use of a life is to spend it on something that will outlast it.” – William James

It never gets old visiting the mountains. I know that I have been dozens of times in my life, and each time I go it feels new. From perfectly clear skies to overcast and rain, it doesn’t matter what the weather is, it still takes my breath away. I have a few spots that I like to visit while traveling in the mountains. We try to visit the mountains at least once a year.

So far this year we have already visited three times, and loved it each time. Here are some places we love to visit in the North Carolina Mountains.

🗺 Curtis Creek near Old Fort, North Carolina. The road runs right by the creek. Most of the great views can be seen right from the road. Many times, you don’t even have to get out of the car. This is one spot my family and I visit for family fall photos.

🌊 McGalliard Falls, North Carolina. Beautiful Falls that are easy to get to. An old mill sits right beside the falls. This is a great spot to visit in the fall to capture some great photos.

🛣 Blue Ridge Parkway. No visit to mountains is not complete without taking a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Some of the best views of the mountains can be seen just by driving down the road.

🏙 Asheville, North Carolina. Good food and good times. Any visit to the mountain isn’t complete without a stop here. There are a couple of great coffee shops that I always stop by at least once when I visit.

I took these photos on my last drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Rarely am I disappointed while driving along, and this trip was no exception. I’m tempted to pull over at over spot and enjoy the view. Sometimes I just have to keep going because we would never make it to our final destination if we did that every time.

Where do you like to visit when you travel to the mountains?


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