Lessons on Humilty

“Life is a long lesson in humility.” – James M. Barrie

What does it mean to be humble? Often times meekness and humility are confused with one another. Being meek means that you are quiet, gentle, and easily influenced. Being humble does not mean you can be easily swayed from your beliefs and convictions, but we often view humility as a form of weakness. To me, being humble is not about being weak, it is realizing that you cannot do it alone, and you need all of the support you can get.

Every year my church challenges everyone to pick a word for the following year. A couple of years ago I chose the word village. I have a habit of trying to do everything on my own, and I needed to focus on relying on the support of others. That taught me that in order to be all that I could be, I had to lean on and trust those who I work with in order to get the job done. That’s when I started to learn what true humility is. True humility is realizing you cannot do it alone.

I took these photos last spring when we visited Linville Gorge in North Carolina. This was my second time visiting in the last few years, and it never fails to disappoint. I could visit this place over and over again. I could stare and listen at the upper and lower falls for hours. These photos are of the Gorge itself taken from one of the higher points. I just took my camera, and aimed down. The entire area has an amazing view, and work the short hike to see.


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