Lost on the Way Back

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll

I love going on a good hike. The idea of walking for a while out in nature is very appealing to me. I never know what I will find while I am out, and I usually have my camera ready to capture it every time. Some of my best photos came from where I took a long walk, and I walked upon a great scene.

Last spring, we were staying at a campground in an area called Golden Valley, North Carolina. I checked out the map of the campground, and they had a couple of neat trails that they had on the grounds. My son and I had hiked the other one the day before, and so I decided to hike the other one myself. I loaded up my camera bag, and rode my bike over to the trail head.

I walked up to the top of this hill that had a spectacular view of the area. I stayed up there for a few minutes, snapped some pictures, and I started to plan my way back. The campground is in the process of building a tower in order to see more of the amazing landscapes in this area. As I was walking up the trail, I noticed a construction path had been built to bring supplies up the hill. I thought to myself, this would be the quickest way for me to get down the mountain.

As I was walking down, I noticed I recognized very little of the terrain I was on. The further I went, the more I wondered where I was going. Eventually I made it down the hill, and I had no clue where I was. Nothing looked the way it should. Luckily, my phone had a charge and a signal on it, and I was able to hike back to where I parked my bicycle. I don’t think my plan for a shortcut worked out in the end.

These are just a few photos I took while I was on the hike. While getting lost was not my original plan, I was able to see some great views and take some good photos along the way.

Here are some posts that show some of the other photos I took on this hike.


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