Looking For Water

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” – Bo Jackson

Whenever I go to the new location to take photos, I usually have one goal in mind, finding the nearest body of water. It doesn’t matter if it is a river, a stream, a lake or pond, I always try to find some kind of water source in the area. If I have to, I will settle for a mud puddle. Some of the places I visit I look for fountains and other man-made water features. From parks to trails, I am always trying to find some kind of water.

A few weeks ago, we took a day trip over to Fisher Farm Park in Davidson, North Carolina. We took some family photos, and I looked at my phone to find the nearest body of water I could find. I found a small river that runs by the park. Below is a video I took of the river. We were basically the only people at the park, and one the video all you can hear is the water flowing by.


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