Take a Seat

“There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.” – Harry S Truman

Life can be busy. From careers to families, it can seem like there is no moment to rest. As an elementary school teacher, there are weeks where I feel like I don’t get any kind of break. A busy life can feel like a fulfilled life. However, if you don’t take a moment to rest, then life can overtake you. Sometimes, you just need to take a breath, pause, relax, and take a seat. If we do not find time to rest, then we get overloaded and overtaken with everything happening around us. My challenge to my readers this holiday season is this, take a moment, take a break, and rest.

I took these photos over at Fourth Ward Park in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this summer. The closer to the end of the year we get, the more I realize I have a lot of great photos that I have not posted yet. So, I have been going back looking at photos I took earlier this year. I was just trying to find a different subject on this day, and I decided to focus on the bench with a light post beside it. There more photos I take, the more I want to try and capture something different.


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