Big Bear Falls – Throwback 2022

“Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject.” – Thomas Mann

One of my favorite places that I visited this year was South Mountain State Park. My family and I visited the area last summer, and I was looking for a great spot to hike and take pictures. I did a quick Google search, and found this great location near our camp ground. My son and I hiked the main trail to the falls. Big Bear Falls is the smaller waterfall on the trail, but it is nothing short of beautiful. I used my ND filter to capture some long exposure shots. In order to keep the camera still, I brought my mini-tripod with me. I prefer it over my larger one on large hikes because it is easier to use.

South Mountain State Park is located in Golden Valley, North Carolina. The Jacob Fork River runs through the park. The majority of the hike on the main trail has you walking by the river most of the time. At one point the trail splits into two directions. We decided to check out Big Bear Falls first. It’s a beautiful waterfall. We chilled out by the falls for a while, and then we headed back towards the main trail. If you are in the area, South Mountain State Park is worth visiting. You have to come prepared for a long hike with snacks and plenty of water to drink.


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