I Made It – Throwback 2022

“We grow small trying to be great.” – E. Stanley Jones

We all have places that we want to visit. From exotic destinations to urban locations, we have a bucket list of places we want to see in the future. For me, I have always wanted to visit Europe. I want to see some of the old places in Greece and Germany, but I would start with England.

While visiting Europe might not happen for me in the near future, there are some places locally that I have not been to until this year. One of those places is Crowders Mountain in North Carolina. I had seen photos of friends visiting there on social media, and it looked like a great place to hike. For the last few years, I have wanted to visit Crowders Mountain. It is about 30 to 40 minutes from Charlotte. It’s easy to get to from I-85. I wanted to go last year, but I was teaching summer school. Since I wasn’t working this summer, I decided to look for an opportunity to go. I saw last Monday that the weather wasn’t going to be as hot, so my son and I headed over to check it out. The view from the top is amazing. We stayed up there for a while to enjoy it. These photos were taken at the King’s Pinnacle.

Crowder’s Mountain was once a mine. Back in the 1970’s it was going to be turned into a mine. The local community wanted to preserve the land, and so they encouraged the state to preserve it. They had seen what mining can do to an area, and they wanted to state to save the mountain. The funds were put together to acquire the land and the mountain. Now it is a popular spot for hikers and groups to enjoy.


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