Perfect Lighting – Throwback 2022

“Things are not quite so simple always as black and white.” – Doris Lessing

When I go out to take photos there are good days and bad days. Sometimes I can go up to a spot and take photos forever. Everything is falling into place perfectly, from the scene where I am at to the lighting of the area. It turns out to be a great day to take photos. Then there are other days, where either the sun is in the wrong position, or clouds come out of nowhere blocking all of the natural light from view. Those days can be frustrating. Even if the sun isn’t cooperating there are some opportunities for great photos, but it can be frustrating when you are like me and can only get out one or two days during the weekend or holidays. I try to take every opportunity I can in order to practice photography. I have found in the last few years that in order to get better, I have to practice more.

I remember I was out riding my bike this summer, and I remember how clear the skies were on this day. The sun was out, the temperature was perfect, and it was just a perfect day. I have ridding by this spot on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway dozens of times, but this day was perfect. I was able to snap some really good photos. I took multiple photos over and over again. While many turned out the same, I still enjoyed taking each one because each one in my mind turned out great.


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