Taking a Hike

“We pass through this world but once.” – Stephen Jay Gould

Whenever I visit somewhere I have this fear that I will miss out on something if I don’t see and do everything. From missing an opportunity to take a great photo to enjoying a moment where I am at. My family has noticed that when we visit somewhere, and I have my camera in hand, it is difficult to get me to leave. This happens often when we drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I will try to stop and every overlook and take pictures. After stopping at the fifth overlook, my family lets me know that they are ready to move on, and do something that does not involve sitting in a car. Now what I try to do is when I go somewhere and take pictures is to be strategic while I am there. I capture what I can, and take advantage of the place where I am at. The way I take advantage is by practicing any opportunity I get. I will look at the shutter count on my camera, and see that I have plenty of great photos already captured.

This year I discovered that I love hiking. My idea of hiking is taking a half day journey down a trail. This year I took a couple of awesome hikes with my son at various places this year. These photos are from the first hike we took together this year. We stayed at a campground in Golden Valley, N.C, and hiked one of the trails there. The beginning of this trail was straight uphill. We must have walked uphill for at least 1/2 of a mile. We found some great views, and I took a few photos.


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