Adding Possibilities by Cutting

“The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Adding with subtraction doesn’t make sense unless it is a word problem, which I am giving to one of my 5th graders. However, this year I want to add more positivity and opportunities to my life. Now that I am 40, I have learned there are some things in my life that add value, and there are things that take away value. There are bad habits, feelings, and thoughts that do not add any value to my life. One of my goals in 2023 is to cut back on those habits and thoughts that have the potential to hold me back. To add to my life, I have to take away something first. You cannot add more to a full plate and expect it to hold. At the start of this year, I am going to look into habits and activities that detract from my success and look for positive replacements. This will more than likely be a process that takes some time, but this will give me a great opportunity for growth this year.

I took these photos over at a park called The Green in Uptown Charlotte. It is a literacy themed park with the goal of encouraging children to read. There are quotes by famous authors, references to their works, and most of the heart is literacy themed.


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