Do You Look for (at) Great?

“Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.” – Thornton Wilder

When I first started posting and using Instagram back in 2018, I followed anything that was suggested for me. It didn’t matter what the account focused on, or if it was even an account that shared things that matter to me. Typically, if they followed me, I would follow them. As time went on, I knew I wanted to improve myself as a photographer. I decided to follow accounts that would help me grow as a photographer. Over the last few months especially, the number of people I follow has shrunk. I try to only follow those who add value to my life through my feed. Here are some of the types of accounts I follow.

👋 Of course I follow people that I know personally. That’s an obvious one.

📷 I follow fellow photographers who take inspiriting photos. I look for ones that give me ideas on subjects to capture and different types of perspectives.

🗺 I love to follow photographers who live in my area. They show me places that I can take photos of and even show me some places that I might want to visit in my hometown.

That’s just a small sampling of who I follow.

I took these photos last fall at Marshall Park in Uptown Charlotte, N.C. This is a spot I love to ride my bike to and take pictures of the city. Marshall Park is a small urban park that features a small lake and various places to sit.

What types of accounts do you like to follow?


2 replies to “Do You Look for (at) Great?

  1. I am also very careful whom I follow. On Facebook, I unfollow every friend because I don’t want so much in my feed. I only follow my family members and my closest friends that I do want updates from. Similar to you, I only follow certain people on Word Press. Their art and writing has to impress me or make me laugh, or feel something. The world already overwhelms me with sensory input.


    1. I am the same way with Facebook. That’s more of my personal social media, while the others I use or more public. I am careful what I share on here and my public sites.


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