No Filter

“Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.” – Socrates

More often than not, I take my photos without a camera filter. I try to show everyone what I see while I am out taking photos. On occasions I will use filters to capture the effect I am looking for. I have a polar filter I like to use when it’s bright outside, and I take photos of water. In the right conditions, it shows how clear the water is, and you can see the bottom. Another filter I like to use is my ND filter. I use it for when I am trying to capture long exposure captures, and I don’t want to over expose the shot.

Typically, I use a filter to capture a long exposure shot, but these shots I didn’t need to do that. It was right after sunset when I took these photos. We were camping in Golden Valley, N.C. last spring. Our campsite was right by the creek. Mornings here were amazing. I would open the window up to my camper and just listen to the stream pass-by as I drank my morning coffee.


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