Walk to the Falls – Throwback Thursday

“I love the sounds and the power of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall.” – Mike May

I love the sound of water flowing down a stream. It’s a sound I can sit and listen to for hours. Every chance I travel, I try to go somewhere and find a waterfall. Fortunately for me, I live close to the North Carolina mountains, and there are tons of waterfalls to visit. I don’t mind taking a hike to see one either. Last year, I hiked at South Mountain State Park to check out two awesome waterfalls at one time. When we went camping during spring break last year, I intentionally picked a campsite next to the stream. I am pretty sure I paid a little extra for it too, but it was totally worth it. In the mornings, all I had to do to listen to the stream was open my window to my camper. It was an amazing sound to wake up to in the morning.

Anna Ruby Falls is just one of the many sites we checked out while in Northeast Georgia. The falls are located close to Helen, Georgia. It is a beautiful set of falls. The walk up to the falls is paved and easy to get to. Being easy to get to can be a great find in itself when waterfall watching. You do have to pay a small fee to get into the park, but it is totally worth it. Every step of the walk up there is a photo worthy moment. In fact, my family got a little annoyed with me at one point because I was taking pictures every 10 or 15 steps it seemed like. The end of the trail is an amazing sight. There are two falls that come cascading down at one place. It is difficult to capture both sets in one frame. This is by far one of the best waterfalls I have ever visited. If you are in Northeast Georgia, you have to take a moment and visit Anna Ruby Falls.


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