Do You Channel Your Passion?

“Love implies anger. The man who is angered by nothing cares about nothing.” – Edward Abbey

Are you passionate about what you do? Is there something in your life that stirs you up and energizes you? Some call it finding your why; others might ask you what you are focused on. For example, I am an elementary school teacher. While it is a super high demanding occupation, I do get a lot of joy out of watching my students grow academically and mature over the course of one year. There are hard days, but I am seeing first-hand how much progress my students are making this school year, and it motivates me to keep going. (Sidenote: Yes, I love my job, but there are a lot issues that need to be addressed in education, starting with teacher pay). Having passion about what you do can give you the drive and motivation to keep going even when times are thought.

One of my other passions is photography, and capturing a moment like this inspires me to do it. I took these photos back in December of 2020. On our last day of staying at the beach, I decided to get up early in order to capture the sunrise, and I was not disappointed. It was one of the most beautiful views I had ever seen in my life.


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