Learn about How to Invest in Yourself

“I am still learning.” – Michelangelo

The most valuable asset we have is ourselves. Too often we don’t do enough to invest in our own personal value. We allow the daily grind and life to take over. As an elementary school teacher, I work in a very high demanding job that requires me to give a lot of myself daily. In order to be able to give of myself, I have to have something to give. Here are the ways I do that.

🚴‍♂️Exercise and physical activity. I ride my bike at least once a week for over ten miles. I am also pretty active at work too. Often while I am outside with my students, I either walk the track or do some kind of physical activity with them.

✍️ I write something daily. I either reflect on my own personal experiences or how I can improve as a person.

🥗Eating quality food, I didn’t realize until last year how my diet had an effect on me. Typically, at work I eat a low carb and low sodium lunch. This requires me to prepare food over the weekend, but it helps me do better during the day.

🛳️Having memorable experiences, this spring my wife and I are planning to take the family on a cruise to the Bahamas. Some of my favorite memories with my family are either with camping in our travel trailer or taking an epic trip somewhere.

📷Regularly improving our skills in a specific area. I try to practice my photography weekly. I believe this is how I have been able to improve over the last couple of years.

Last summer my son and I hiked up to Crowders Mountain together. Crowders Mountain is located near Charlotte, N.C. in Gaston County. It’s a great place to hike for the day with clean trails and plenty to explore. It’s not any easy hike because it is straight uphill for several miles. We had to stop a few times while hiking up to the top. These are some of the photos I took on the way up to the top of the mountain.


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