Why I Post? – Throwback Thursday

When we post things to social media, we have to ask ourselves why? For some, the why is in order for them to become famous on Instagram. Most people want to be famous, but why do they want to be famous? For some it is to use social media as a means to make money. Many photographers use social media in order to showcase their business and to bring in more. For me personally, the reason why I post is I want encourage people to be better. There is plenty of negativity on the internet today, and I want to use my platform in order to make the world a better place. If I make any money from social media, that’s great, I use it to fund my classroom and support my students. My ultimate goal when I post is to encourage others in order to be better.

I took this photo a few years ago on my last cruise. I took it right from the window of our room. The sun was setting on another fun fill day, and I had to capture this moment. I loved how the light tried to pour through the clouds using any gap it could find. I am excited because in a couple of months we are going on our first cruise since the pandemic. I am excited for all of the great sites I am going to see, and I am looking forward to capturing them.


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