Tallulah Gorge – 2021 Throwback Thursday

We took two camping trips in the summer of 2021. We didn’t camp at all in 2020 because many of the campgrounds were either closed or overbooked. The first trip we took in 2021 was to the Lake Jordan. This short trip was more like a trial than other trips to make sure we were ready. Then later that summer, we camped out near Helen, GA. My wife and I graduated college 30 minutes from here, and we visited this area often while we were dating. We thought it would be fun to take the kids to see where we had first met, where I proposed and see some of the places where we had some great times together.

One of the places we visited was Tallulah Gorge. To see the best view of the gorge you have to walk down to the suspension bridge that goes over it. To get to the bridge you have to walk down 326 steps. This is like the normal stairs you have in your house. These stairs are almost as steep as a ladder going up to the roof. My son and I decided to make out way to the bottom. My wife and daughter decided to sit this one out because they didn’t like the idea of so many stairs, and after I went there and back, I understood why. We made our way down to the bottom of the long staircase. At the bottom we found the bridge with an amazing view of Hurricane Falls. This was definitely worth the walk down. The view was incredible! I tried to capture the beauty of this view the best I could. After we finished checking out the sights and sounds of the falls, we knew it was time to head back up. The catch to going down 326 steps is having to go back up 326 steps. Looking back going down wasn’t so bad in the end, going up was a whole new challenge. We did eventually make it back up to the top, and at that point I needed some water and a nap.


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