Stand Tall

“No one can figure out your worth but you.” – Pearl Bailey

When I look back at my favorite photos, I notice there is always a subject, even in landscape photos. The subject might be a body of water flowing by. It could also be a waterfall crashing down. In case of sunrise and sunset, it might be the sun. All of my favorite photos have the initial appearance of taking photos of random spaces, but typically there is something I am trying to capture. Even while I am looking at fields, it helps if I have a subject no matter how large or small to focus on.

Last November, I visited Fisher Farm Park to take photos with the family. While I was there, I decided to take photos of the landscape. I found this lone tree in the field we were walking in. I took quite a few photos of it at multiple angles. Other than the photos I took of my family that day, this was my favorite subject.

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