Get Ready

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.”- Louis Pasteur

It’s not often that I get to visit new places and take photographs. In fact, I have visited a new place since last fall. I have taken pictures around places near my home, but I haven’t been able to take trips to take photos in a while. From work to life just being busy, I have been pretty close to home since last November other than to visit family. When I do go out, I want to make it the best experience possible. Here is what I do to make that happen.

🗺️I take a look at the area to see where everything is, and where I might want to go.

👨‍💻I like to research the area I am visiting. I like to see what are the popular spots and ones that would take the best photographs.

🎒I prefer to be prepared as possible from camera lens to a water bottle. I made the mistake once, and I went on a long hike without a snack and water. That was a long hike back to the truck. I had a lukewarm coffee left in the truck, and I was so desperate for something that I chugged it.

🪫I check all of my batteries the day before in order to make sure they are charged and ready to go. I usually bring three devices with me to capture where I am, my phone, my camera and GoPro.

I took these photos when I visited South Mountain State Park last summer. We were camping nearby in Golden Valley, and I was looking for somewhere to explore and hang out at. My son and I hiked about three miles to check out all of the sites. We found two awesome waterfalls along the way. This is a must visit park to check out because of the beautiful well-kept trails and amazing sites to see. We only saw part of the park that day, and I hope I can visit again in order to see more of it.


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