Getting Back

Now that spring break is over, I am gearing up for the final part of the school year. I have around 40 days left with students, and a lot has to happen between now and then. From the required testing that has to happen to the end-of-year activities planned for them. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate for the next few weekends for me to get some things done.

🏡I need to get my garden started soon. I need to prepare my garden bed and add some new flowers to the fold. I planted two trees last weekend, but there is still more to do.

😎I need to figure out my summer plans. I’m not sure how many camping trips I am going to take this summer, but I need to start figuring all that out.

🚵I need some sunshine in my life so I can get out on my bike again at least once during the weekend. It seems like it has rained every weekend since the beginning of the year. I need some time out with my bike and camera. I did get some sunshine last Sunday, let’s see what happens this coming weekend.

I took this photo on the first day of our cruise. As soon as we boarded the ship, we dropped our luggage off in our room, I grabbed my camera out of my bag and headed up to the top of the ship. I photographed the sights of the harbor. This photo of the sky I took was a miss click. I still had the delay from when we took family photos the day before. I almost deleted it once I realized what happened, but after taking a second look I decided to keep it. It seems like it has rained every day this year. It was a treat to have clear skies on our first day aboard.


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