“There is no influence like the influence of habit.” – Gilbert Parker

Whenever we talk about habits, the focus is always on trying to break bad habits. While we could always take something out, we need to think about the good habits that we have that have made us better people. We all have good habits. We have habits that have allowed us to grow as a person. If you want to cut a bad habit out, you have to replace It with a good habit. You can’t just give something up, and then have nothing to replace it. If you want to add a good habit to your life, you are going to have to replace it with something else. Unfortunately, we do not have an infinite amount of time, and to add one thing, we are going to have to cut or adjust something.

I took this photo on our first day aboard the ship when we went on our cruise during spring break. We had a balcony room this time, and our room was facing west. We had an amazing view of the sunset. I stood outside with my camera and GoPro capturing the moment.


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