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Joe Griffin

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For my whole life I have loved photography. I have always enjoyed taking photographs and being in nature. It started when my dad would take me out to different parts of the mountains in order for him to take pictures of wildlife. I now try to get out whenever I can either on a road trip or a bicycle ride through parts of Charlotte.

While photography is a passion it is not my love. The real loves in my life are my wife of 17 years and my two children 13 and 12. My other passion is my fifth-grade students. I have been a teacher for over ten years.

I would define myself as a amateur photographer, but my joy for it goes beyond that. I am striving to be better. I often learn new skills, and sometimes I wish I had learned them earlier. I try to practice when I can, and find out even more ways to capture the world that I see.

Areas of Experience
  • Elementary Educator
  • Active Volunteer at Church
  • Former Banker
  • Coffee Lover
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