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If there is something you have read about on my pages and would like for me to feature on here, leave a comment below.

Let’s Taco ‘Bout Science

I love promoting a love of science while I am teaching. Not only is science awesome, careers in science and technology will open many doors for students.

Confused Screaming

There is nothing more fun than confusing students and teaching them something at the same time. This shirt is how I introduce the order of operation to my 5th graders.

Bucket Hat

When you are out on those hot days taking photos, sometimes you need some portable shade. This bucket hat keeps me cool on those days when the light outside is just right. As an added bonus, it gives the wearer the ultimate dad look.

This link will take you to my Instagram post about my ultimate dad look.

K&F Concept 52mm Variable ND Filter ND2-ND400

Do you wonder how I get these amazing long exposure photos in the middle of the day? This filter is how I pull it off. It is very easy to learn how to use through trial and error, and it will up your photography game.

Camera Sling Bag

I love this bag! This is my go to camera bag when I am out in nature or riding my bicycle. For a small bag it holds a lot. I carry my camera, an extra lens, extra batteries, all my filters, and my small tripod. It’s perfect while on the go, and it’s easy to get to your camera.

Nikon Battery Charger Set

For some reason my battery chargers on my camera decided to quit working for me. I searched on Amazon, and found this amazing set. It charges two batteries at once, it comes with two batteries, it’s compact, and it works with my USB charger on my night stand.

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