Wandering Around

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.” – Benjamin Spock

When ever my family and I visit a new place, one of my favorite things to do is to just explore the area. I take my camera of out my bag, and snap of shot of ever great view I see. I try to look for as many different angles of where I am at as possible. I look for various spots and paths to see which location will give me my best view. Sometimes I find a spot that turns out to be the best view in the entire place, and other times it doesn’t really do much. I have found that the lighting in one area is way better than the lighting in another. I have found out that some times the best views are the unlikely ones. Typically when visiting a popular spot, people gather at one location in order to get as close as possible, but sometimes you find the best spot when are further back because you can actually capture the entire scene. The trick then is making sure there are no people in your shot. That can make things complicated. Sometimes you can remove people during post work, but it can also distort the scene. The safest bet is to try to get the best view possible without anyone else in it. Some locations this can be difficult, but there are some obscure spots out there with amazing views and low crowds.

I took these shots near McGalliard Falls. McGalliard Falls is located near Valdese, North Carolina. It is not too far from I-40 near Boone, North Carolina. It was an unexpected find for us. We just finished apple picking near by, and had some time to do some exploring. We Googled where the nearest waterfall is, and this is what we found. The falls are only a short walk away from the parking lot, and it has some pretty awesome views. I went as far down down stream as I could to see check out what I could see. There was some wonderful to see even beyond the falls. I was just walking around the stream looking for some different views.

The slide show below will take you to make other posts about McGalliard Falls. It’s a small space with some great views.


5 replies to “Wandering Around

  1. “The safest bet is to try to get the best view possible without anyone else in it.”

    When it’s crowded, look for the individual that isn’t doing what the rest of the crowd are doing.

    That one person can add a lot of human presence to a scene.

    The kid skipping stones into the waterfall, the elderly lady alone and smiling at memories of previous visits – perhaps from her younger days when she and her husband were courting, the infant wailing when hearing the thunderous crash of water cascading over the rocks.

    There’s always something that people bring to a scene.

    I’d still try and get a photo without people in it too 😆

    – Matt The Happy Human 🙂


  2. Your photos are amazing! What camera do you use? And the stories that accompany your photos are just as thoughtful and amazing. I enjoy reading about the personal photo tours you make wherever you go. Keep it up!


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