Signs of Town

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” – Robert H. Schuller

How often do you stop and look? I used to rarely check out the different spots where I live in Charlotte, N.C. Before the pandemic I would just pass by so many places, and have no idea of what I was looking at. When the pandemic hit and everything was closed, I needed to find somewhere to go. Thankfully for me I lived near a pretty nice bike path that leads right to Uptown Charlotte. I pulled my bicycle out of the shed, and I started checking out where I live. At first, I just rode around town, but eventually I started to bring my camera with me. It allowed me to capture photos of places I had seen on TV, but never taken the chance to visit myself. I changed my route up to see more of Charlotte. Occasionally I drive to different parts of town so I can see more.

This is the Southend sign. It is located on the light rail trail right in the heart of the Southend neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C. This is one part of Charlotte that has gone through a ton of changes in the last few years. I remember when there was very little in this part of town, and now it is filled with apartments, shops and restaurants. Very rarely on the weekends will I see this part of Charlotte empty. Typically, every parking place is filled, and traffic is insane. Believe it or not, Southend is home where the Carolina gold rush started. There is a lot here to see and check out. It pays to stop and see what is nearby. The only reason I stopped and took photos of the sign the other day was because I was taking a break from riding with my daughter. She wanted to ride with me last weekend, and she came along with me. She usually doesn’t ride as far as I do, so I couldn’t go to my usually far away spots, but I was able to take a few moments to snap some photos of the Southend sign.


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