Bees and Butterflies

“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.” – Sophocles

It has been a few weeks since I posted photos that I have taken recently. Since the school year started for me back in late August, I have been significantly busier. Between having to work more during the evenings, I haven’t had the time to go through anything I have taken recently. I used to feel this need to rush, and post photos that I have recently taken. Not sure why I felt this way. I guess I didn’t like the idea of posting stale photos, however, I take a lot of pictures. I don’t want to post everything all at once because it’s hard to appreciate the work behind it if it is overwhelming. Now, I just post photos once I have the time to look through. I usually go through them that weekend, but sometimes that happens later.

I very rarely post photos that I have not gone through yet. Here is why I do this.

✅ I like to look over them first. Sometimes I take photos, they look great in the moment, and then upon further review it turns out they are not my best.

🖼 I always photograph in the raw. Anyone who is serious about the photos they take, have all photos taken in this setting. The detail is better, and it allows for more opportunities while editing them later.

⏰ It takes time to go through photos. I prefer to take my time with each one in order to ensure it looks the best.

I actually took these photos during Labor Day Weekend. I rode my bicycle all over Uptown Charlotte that weekend. When I arrived at First Ward Park, I saw a few butterflies landing on the flowers. I was trying to get some shots of them laying their wings flat while on the flower. However, they really never did that. I did get some pretty cool photos of the bees getting pollen from the flowers. I really like the first one I posted because the lighting was just right, and you can see the pollen on its feet.


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