“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Tony Robbins

I think anyone serious about photography has a goal of what they want to photograph. From breathtaking waterfalls to that perfect sunrise, a good photographer is always on a quest to find that moment. Oftentimes, when the photograph that great moment, we want to capture more. We want to take more photos of great moments. I am waiting for the next opportunity to capture that great sunrise again, and looking for a waterfall to photograph with a long exposure shot. Right now, I am waiting for the leaves to start changing in Charlotte, so I can go out and capture some great scenes around town, again. While I am always on a quest for the next great photo, I also am trying to grow my skills so that when the time comes, I am ready to capture the moment.

One quest that I am always on is to take photos of butterflies with their wings open. I have run around with my camera in my face trying to capture a photo of a butterfly. I finally was able to capture on the other day. I was riding back home from the Irwin Creek Greenway, heading towards Uptown Charlotte at Bank of America Stadium. There is this one super steep hill right before I get to Uptown, so I usually hop off my bike and walk up the hill. As I walked up the hill, I saw some butterflies, and I started to pursue them with my camera. I luckily caught one at just the right moment it had its wings open.

What is something you are always on a quest to take a photo of?


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