Three Signs It’s Time to Hiking

🍃 The need for fresh air. If it has been a while since you have spent some time outdoors, then you need some time with nature.

😮‍💨The need to just breath. We all need a moment to step away from everything, and hiking is a great way to do that.

☀️The weather is cooperating. If it’s not too hot or not too cold, that is a sign to get outside.

Whenever I hike and ride my bike somewhere, I am always hoping I will find something unexpected. From seeing wildlife to finding something new and different. Sometimes the unexpected comes up when you find an area where the entire landscape has changed. This happened to me while at Crowders Mountain last year. While we were hiking back from the top, most of the scenery looked the same on the trail except for this one spot. This one small spot had the ground covered in small ferns. The entire area was a sea of green.

I took these photos while hiking at Crowders Mountain last year. Crowder’s Mountain was once a mine. Back in the 1970’s it was going to be turned into a mine. The local community wanted to preserve the land, and so they encouraged the state to preserve it. They had seen what mining can do to an area, and they wanted to state to save the mountain. The funds were put together to acquire the land and the mountain. Now it is a popular spot for hikers and groups to enjoy.


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