Take Me to Church – Black and White 2021 Throwback

“The special factor about black and white photography is that it doesn’t just copy the reality, but it represents it with its own language.” – Gian Marco Marano

My wife and I a few years ago invested in a travel trailer to go camping in. We take the camper out a couple times of year. So far we have camped in 5 different states, but next year we are looking to expand that. In 2020, we didn’t go camping at all. Mainly because many campgrounds were closed or overbooked. Also, I converted my camper into my remote learning classroom. We live in a smaller house. Both of my kids were learning over Zoom, and I was teaching over Zoom. I needed a space where I could be my loud teaching self without disturbing my children’s learning time. I am very grateful to be teaching in my own classroom with students in the room. It makes a huge difference.

Last summer we went camping over at Poplar Lake near Raleigh, North Carolina. I follow a few camping groups on Facebook, and this was a really popular spot to go to. So I had to take the family there. We camped at the state park on the lake. This campground was huge. It has several great spots to go to, places to hike, and a pretty awesome lake front to swim at. Anytime you look at a map of the state park you are staying at, you check out the spots on the map. After checking out the wildlife lookout, we headed over to this church to check it out. This is Ebenezer United Methodist Church. It was established in 1827. The word Ebenezer means stone of help. This is a beautiful church. It was worth the stop for photos.


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