It Takes a Team

“Trouble shared is trouble halved.” – Lee Iacocca

For me it is easy to go at it alone. I have always been one who prefers to work alone as opposed to working with a team. I was never a fan of group projects while I was in school. I preferred solo assignments. I think this is because I was an only child growing up. I’m just used to doing things alone. While I might prefer to do things alone, sometimes it isn’t the best way to go. I have learned over the years that when I share the responsibilities with others, not only does it produce a better product; it also allows me to carry less of a burden too. This just shows that sometimes our preferences are the preferred way to do it.

When I visited Tallulah Gorge in Northeast Georgia last summer, I had to stay focused in order to get to the bottom. In order to cross the gorge, you have to walk down over 350 steps. My wife and daughter decided to wait for us at the top, while my son and I walked to the sea at the bottom. I stayed focused on one step at a time in order to make it down there. Going down all of those steps wasn’t easy, but going back up was much more intense. I know when I made it to the top the first thing, I did was find the nearest bench and rest for several minutes. These are some of the photos I took on top of the swinging bridge at the bottom.


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