Why Can Kindness Be So Difficult?

“If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.” – Maya Angelou

What is one way you can be kind this week, share it in the comments below.

There are a lot of things that seem to be a struggle for us these days. From driving down the road to being engaged in conversation. It seems like lately we allow distractions to drive what we do in the moment. The one thing that I see as a real struggle recently is kindness. Taking a moment to do the right thing for someone is something that we rarely see. It seems like we try to do anything but be kind to others. We have to move away from constantly feeling like we have to defend ourselves, and start feeling confident in who we are. Here are some things I try to remember in order to be kind.

🌊 If someone is upset at you, you might not be the reason the person is truly angry. It could be something else going on. In most situations it might be best to just say nothing and walk away.

👓 Look for opportunities to be kind to others. It could be something simple like getting an item off the shelf at the store to simply helping someone without the intent of being noticed.

😀 Be confident in who you are a person.​ You should not need the opinion of others in order to be kind. It might be difficult at the moment, but just remember who you are. It’s easier to be kind when you know who you are and believe in yourself.

I took these photos last summer when I had time to take longer bicycle rides around town. This is over at the Irwin Creek Greenway. It goes from Uptown Charlotte to the Westside of town. I love riding this path that goes along the old train tracks. It’s shaded and gives you that feel of seclusion.

Think about one way you can be kind this week, and share it in the comments below.


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