Being Patient

“All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.” – Alexandre Dumas

I am not a fan of patience. I have never really been one to be willing to wait. I think I have a microwave mentality. I am that person that hits refresh if I see the buffering circle on a website if it takes 2 seconds too long to load. This might explain why I like that my job is only 15 minutes from my house. I definitely don’t like it when there is traffic, and it takes 5 more minutes to get home. It drives me crazy.

To cope with this I have to been trying to do better with taking advantage of the waiting. It might be from me listen to music, walking away from screens for moment to just to relax for a moment. I have learned that sometimes the purpose of waiting is to learn or rethink something. Sometimes I will be waiting on something to load at work, and it hits that I can do something another way that might actually work better. We have to take advantage of the wait.

I took these photos on the rail trail that leads to Uptown Charlotte. This is one of my favorite places to ride my bike in town because it is mostly flat, I see something different every time, and it is close to my house. It’s easy to access Uptown Charlotte and other parts of Charlotte.


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