Getting Ready

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

I am one of those people who picks out what they are going to wear the day before. I typically only do this on days I have to work. I usually try to have as much prepared as I can. It makes the mornings much easier for me. Some people think it’s a little much, but research might show that I am right. They say the brain makes so many decisions in a day, and if you plan it out in the morning that means you save your decision-making brain power for when it counts the most. For me it is while I am teaching. They say the average teacher makes an incredible number of decisions a day. So, preparing as much as I can the night before helps me be better in my classroom. It also makes my mornings go so much smoother. I am able to focus on getting my thoughts in line, and getting focused for the day ahead.

I took these photos during spring break while we visited Golden Valley in North Carolina. We camped at this awesome resort. Our camp site was right behind this stream. Every morning I woke up, I would open my window and hear the stream go by.


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