What’s It Worth to You?

“No one can figure out your worth but you.” – Pearl Bailey

When I look through the photos, I often ask myself, “what is this worth?” For me it’s not about how much money it’s worth, but the experience behind the photo is where I find its value. From great hikes into unknown places to a bike ride that provided much needed reflection and time away. For me, the photos I take are not about fame and fortune, but for me they are something that I enjoy doing in order to have a creative outlet that allows me to express myself through images and writing about them. The value for me does not come from what other people give them, but it comes from memories behind the photo.

The memory behind these photos is, I had taken the day off in order to get some appointments done, but I had some time in-between and was able to visit the park to take these photos. It was a perfect day to take photos, clear skies and a little wind. I took these photos at Freedom Park. This is one of my favorite parks in Charlotte. My grandparents used to live near here, and they would take me here every time I would visit. Freedom Park has everything the perfect park should have. A playground, walking trails, ball fields, and a lake to walk around. It’s a great place to bring the family for the day, or just to come and chill out for the day.


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