The Return – Throwback 2022

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost

I like revisiting different locations. Even if I have seen it once, it doesn’t mean I have seen everything. Even if I walk the same path again, see the same sights, smell the same air, it can still feel new to me. I don’t mind going somewhere I have been before, as long as I am able to have some time and photograph the area. Even if I have taken pictures of this particular spot before, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to take more of it. While it might be the same place each time, it might have a new feel to it. It could be a different season, time of the day, amount of light in the sky, or maybe just one leaf in a different location.

As a photographer, revisiting a location can provide new opportunities. On the way to somewhere I have been before I am already thinking about where the best spots are to take pictures. Since I have already been before, it provides me with an opportunity to think about in advance where I want to be to capture the best shot. Also, I know what to expect when I arrive. I know that there might be a walk, or it could be right there. I will also know where to park, and that can be a stressful situation in itself. Finally, revisiting somewhere allows me to know what I need to pack before I leave. Having the right lens, tripods, and filters will make the trip worth it. Also making sure I have plenty of snacks and water, just in case it is a long walk to where I am going.

This beautiful location is Linville Falls. Linville Falls is located in the North Carolina Mountains near Linville, N.C. These photos were taken of the upper falls. There are two sections to Linville Falls, the upper falls and the lower falls. The upper falls are the easiest to get to from the road. To see the lower falls up close, you have to climb down Linville Gorge in order to get a good view. You can see the lower falls from the top of the gorge, but it is a pretty steep climb uphill. I have only climbed up to the top, one day I want to be able to make my way down to the bottom.

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